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Welcome to the University of Alabama at Birmingham! College can be an exciting (yet sometimes overwhelming) time, especially in your first semester. We are here to assist you in your transition from high school to college by providing you with helpful tips and links. Remember your advisor is always just a click away from your BlazerNet page if you have any questions or concerns.

Student with laptop. As a new first-year student, we suggest that you do not take on too much in your first semester. Twelve credit hours is the minimum amount of credits required to be full-time. Consider registering for 15 hours to allow you to withdraw or drop a course and still maintain full-time status.

Tips for First-Year Students

  • Make sure to register for your First-Year Experience (FYE) course.
  • Balance your schedule; do not take more than two classes consecutively.
  • Allow time to eat lunch.
  • 15 minutes is enough time to get from class to class.
  • Plan allotted time for work, extra-curricular activities, social engagements, and studying.
  • The Academic Success Center, Math Lab, and Writing Center are fantastic resources for getting free academic support.
  • Check your UAB email and CANVAS daily.
  • Keep up with important dates on the Academic Calendar, such as Drop/Add deadline, last day to withdraw, and registration dates.
  • Check the UAB Student Life page for getting involved around the campus and community.

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