Explore UAB

Students having lunch on the UAB green. We’re glad you’ve selected UAB to continue your educational goals. Here is a list of a few things that we feel it’s helpful for transfer students to know.

  1. Once you are admitted, plan to register for and attend New Student Orientation.
  2. You will be assigned an academic advisor upon your admission to UAB. Your advisor’s name will be listed on your BlazerNet homepage.
  3. Plan to meet with your academic advisor after you are admitted and prior to attending orientation to verify that your credit is posted correctly and discuss moving forward in your major or area of interest.
  4. Have a final official copy of your transcript sent to UAB. If you are still in the process of completing classes or have classes that are not on the last transcript received by UAB, let your advisor know so you can plan around those courses.
  5. If you have AP or IB credit that has not been reported to UAB, please have it sent to UAB so you can have credit for those courses.
  6. Learn the academic deadlines (see the Academic Calendar) and pay attention to them. Verify your course enrollments BEFORE the drop deadline.
  7. Fulfill any remaining general education requirements.
  8. A major must be declared by 60 hours earned. If you are transferring in more than 60 hours you will have at maximum one term within which to declare a major. Some majors have additional admission requirements; please work with your advisor when exploring major options.
  9. Get to know your instructors and your advisor. Make use of their office hours and/or schedule an appointment to learn more about your major requirements and opportunities tied to your major or career interests.