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Welcome to the Department of Anthropology!

We offer several programs that prepare students for careers, advanced education, civic engagement, and lifelong learning.


Anthropology Club posing for a picture.


Anthropology students in classroom studying artifacts on the table.

The department offers many resources to our students, including:

  • an impressive collection of artifacts, hominin casts, and human and non-human primate osteological material for use in biological anthropology and archaeology courses.
  • community with fellow students and professors in small classes as well as through the Anthropology Club and the Lambda Alpha National Honor’s Society.
  • a speaker’s series, through the Jemison Visiting Professorship in the Humanities, that brings one or more major speakers to campus each year.
  • opportunities for faculty-directed research and professional presentation.
  • Internships within the city and campus.
  • faculty with active research agendas who are committed to excellence in the classroom.

Whether you are interested in exploring ancient societies, learning about how humans evolved, how and why people talk differently from each other, or dynamics of ritual, healing and other cultural practices, anthropology has something to offer. We specialize in understanding cultural diversity, exploring how and why people do things differently through time, within our own societies, and around the world. These insights give us an edge in analyzing problems, both inside and outside the workplace.

Feel free to reach out to me or anyone in the department to learn more about our programs, research, and opportunities.

Welcome to Anthropology at UAB!


Lisa L. Gezon Ph.D.

Professor and Chair