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The Anthropology Department is home to professors who have received teaching awards and numerous research grants. They are dedicated to facilitating student learning and providing our students with excellent mentoring and quality course instruction. The department also benefits from experienced adjunct instructors who have expertise in peace education, human rights, medical and health disparities, global satellite imagery, Egyptology, paleo-archaeology, and more.

Diversity and Specialization

The Anthropology faculty and instructors represent a wide array of research interests and specializations including:
  • analyzing disaster preparedness for vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly
  • using the latest satellite-imaging technologies to discover from orbit previously unknown archaeological sites
  • conducting archaeological studies of Native American life in southeastern North America
  • analyzing drug cartel-related homicides in southern Mexico
  • studying the paleo diet and animal butchering techniques used more than a million years ago in East Africa
  • studying the mummies and hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt
  • researching how peaceful societies and peace systems manage to minimize violence and live without war
  • human rights

Our faculty also conduct summer field school experiences in locations as near as Alabama to as far as east Africa.

Excellence in Print and Academics

The Anthropology faculty publish in leading journals such as American Anthropologist, American Antiquity, the Journal of Archaeological Sciences, Ethnohistory, Journal of Anthropological Research, Journal of Community Health, and Science. They have authored and edited many books, and regularly receive research grants. Last but not least, they hold PhDs from Cambridge, Columbia University, Indiana University, Rutgers, Tulane, the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), and the University of Toronto.

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