Bruce Bonta.Research Associate
Office: off-campus. Email to schedule meetings via Skype.

Research and Teaching Interests: Peaceful Societies

Lori Cormier working in the field. Associate Professor
University Hall (UH) 3131
(205) 975-6526

Research and Teaching Interests: Historical ecology, ethnoprimatology, medical anthropology, primate zoonoses, and disaster preparedness with work with indigenous Amazonians (Awá-Guajá), Native Americans (Navajo, Choctaw), Lau Fijians, and US populations

Lauren Downs. Visiting Assistant Professor
University Hall (UH) 3127
(205) 934-3508

Research and Teaching Interests: Material culture, North American prehistory and ethnohistory, Native American studies, Southeastern archaeology

Riane EislerResearch Associate
Office: off-campus
(205) 934-3508 (Department of Anthropology)

Research and Teaching Interests: Human rights, cultural transformation, partnership studies, caring economics

Chris Kyle. Associate Professor
University Hall (UH) 3125
(205) 975-6181

Research and Teaching Interests: Political economy of contemporary Latin America, especially Mexico Historical anthropology of Mexico

Steve Merritt. Associate
University Hall (UH) 3129
(205) 934-2742

Research and Teaching Interests:  Paleoanthropology, zooarchaeology, taphonomy, actualistic studies, experimental archaeology, paleoecology, hominin carnivory, butchery, human osteology, forensic anthropology, sustainability, foodways

Gregory Mumford. Associate Professor
University Hall (UH) 3160
(205) 934-0490

Research and Teaching Interests: Archaeology and Ancient Egypt, Nubia, East Mediterranean, and Near East, including international relations (ca. 10,000 - 332 BCE)

Sarah Parcak. Professor
University Hall (UH) 3162
Contact: Dr. Parcak's students can contact her through Canvas.

Research and Teaching Interests:  Archaeology, archaeological science, archaeological theory, landscape archaeology, Egyptian archaeology, Egyptology, remote sensing, GIS, public health

tina kempin reuterAssociate Professor; Director, Institute for Human Rights
Heritage Hall 571
(205) 996-2325

Research and Teaching Interests: Human rights, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution, peace studies, international politics/law; geographical focus: Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Peter Verbeek.Associate Professor/Program Director
University Hall (UH) 3158
(205) 975-9276

Research and Teaching Interests: Causes, Mechanisms, Development, Function and Evolution of Peaceful Behavior; Species-atypical Aggressive and Peaceful Behavior; Human Relationship with Nature and Peace; Children’s Rights and Peace; Cultures of Peace