portrait of woman from foreign cultureAnthropology: The study of humanity. Anthropology is the study of humankind, past and present. Our mission is to advance knowledge of anthropology through scientific and humanistic research, high quality teaching, professional publications, and community outreach.

Anthropology at UAB is very student-friendly. Typical anthropology courses above the introductory level average 20 students, facilitating class discussion, hands-on instruction in lab courses, and a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Some of our undergraduates pursue independent study courses in which they research topics of personal interest. Our faculty also encourage and assist student attendance at professional conferences.

Excellent Resources

Bonobos GroominBonobos grooming one another. The department offers many resources to our students, including:
  • a student research room, shared by graduate students and on occasion undergraduates engaged in special projects,
  • an impressive collection of artifacts, hominin casts, and human and non-human primate osteological material for use in biological anthropology and archaeology courses,
  • A speakers series, through the Jemison Visiting Professorship in the Humanities, that brings one or more major speakers to campus each year, (such as world renowned primatologist Frans de Waal).

Looking to the Future

Multicolor illustration of a dove bearing an olive branch, captioned "A Path Toward Peace."Read more about the growing emphasis on peace studies at UAB. The department has an interdisciplinary minor — Peace, Justice, and Ecology. New courses have been added that reflect the development of the anthropology of peace and human rights at UAB. This is a separate but companion effort to the launching of the newly approved Institute for Human Rights at UAB.

Welcome to Anthropology at UAB!