Illustration of a sprout. Biology is the study of all living things and the way that life is structured, functions, and evolves. Some of today's most important social issues — fuel alternatives, genetically modified foods/organisms, global climate change, and stem sell research — can best be studied and understood by those with backgrounds in biology. If you don't have time to major in the field but love learning about life, consider a minor in Biology.

Please note: You should consult with an advisor to determine which courses will be most applicable to your interests and career goals.

Course Catalog

A complete list of minor requirements and courses are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.


All program requirements and courses are outlined in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog. The minor requirements consist of introductory biology courses and electives.

Biology minors must take:

Basic chemistry, cell structure and function, metabolism, genetics, evolution, bacteria, and protists. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: check course catalog.
The course emphasizes the transition from cell, to tissue, to organs in multicellular systems. Specific attention in the course will be paid to a survey of the various groups of plants, fungi, invertebrates and vertebrates. Strong emphasis will be placed on comparing the anatomy and physiology of the major organ systems in humans with those of other organisms. The course is designed to expand the students understanding of the process of scientific writing. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: BY 123 (minimum grade: C).
Principles and mechanisms of inheritance; structure, action, and regulation of genes; molecular genetic technology and application to human health and agriculture. Preparation for advanced courses in biology. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: BY 123 and BY 124 (minimum grade: C).

In addition, students must take 6 hours of 200-level or higher Biology courses.

Please note: BY 123 and BY 124 may also satisfy the Core Curriculum Area III: Natural Sciences requirement; check the Core Curriculum for your particular major.

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