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The Biology Major


Our broad-based courses can prepare you for careers ranging from the medical field to oceanography and many options in between.

The department offers a flexible experience for students, allowing them to choose courses geared to their specific interests. This personalized and targeted approach allows our students to tailor their degree and prepare for the career field of their choice.

Why Biology at UAB?

Hands-on and Groundbreaking Research Opportunities

UAB is Alabama’s premier research institution with research grants and awards topping $500 million in 2018. The Department of Biology’s graduate program ranks as the top biological sciences program in the state and the 62nd best in the nation according to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools Rankings.

The Department of Biology prides itself in offering research opportunities to virtually any undergraduate who seeks one. Our faculty typically have 4-10 undergraduate students working with them in original research in their labs or in the field. Watch this video to learn more about research opportunities for biology students.


You can start the biology undergraduate program in fall, spring, or summer semesters, which provides students with important flexibility for beginning their graduate studies. Additionally, our program offers full-time or part-time options for students.

We Offer a Multidisciplinary Degree with a Broad Curriculum

Our program is suitable for a wide spectrum of career paths, including but not limited to: professional schools, research (academia or industry), STEM education, science policy, and sales.

Since scientific problems encountered today are multifaceted and require multidisciplinary approaches, students are expected to acquire a broad background in the physical and life sciences. Undergraduate students can take a specific cluster of courses that align with one of our tracks: Marine Science, or Molecular Biology. This personalized and targeted approach allows our students to tailor their degrees and prepare for the career field of their choice.

The Department of Biology also offers unique study abroad opportunities in some of the world’s most exciting and important ecosystems, such as the Bahamas and the Galapagos Islands.

Marine Science Track

Love the ocean and the ocean’s creatures? Want to understand what’s happening in the ecosystem that covers 70% of our planet? Want to understand how climate change may affect extinction rates? With our Marine Science track, you'll study this and more. This track prepares you for a career with the ocean, whatever that may be.

Marine Biology students take our normal core courses plus additional ones in marine science, some of which are given at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on Dauphin Island, Alabama.

Learn more about the Marine Science track by visiting the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Molecular Biology Track

Are you fascinated by the rapid discoveries in genomics, epigenomics, and the emergence of personalized medicine to fight diseases? Our molecular biology track introduces you to the world of DNA and the biology of the cell. Learn how to splice and sequence genes, identify proteins, prepare for careers in biomedical research or in a police forensic lab.

Learn more about the Molecular Biology track by visiting the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Course Catalog

A complete list of program requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for biology majors is available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.