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Research & Internships


We in the Biology Department pride ourselves in offering research opportunities to virtually any undergraduate who wants one. Our faculty typically have 4-10 undergraduates working with them in legitimate research in their labs, or in the field. There are few thrills that compare with discovering for the first time something that no one before you ever has known. Besides, research experience is a real bonus that helps you get into that medical school or graduate program that you have your heart set on.

If you’re interested in research, explore the research interests of our faculty. If you find something that appeals to you, make an appointment and chat with the professor. Next thing you know, you could be catching lizards or turtles, performing hormone or agility assays, sequencing genes, treating cancer cells with possible cancer cures, discovering new viruses, or learning about the secrets of aging.


Students holding plants while standing in front of produce stand.

Internships are also an undergraduate experience you might want to have. These opportunities may involve research, but they may also involve service or help you develop writing or business or just your interpersonal skills. For some you get paid, for others you are paid by the experience you get. Here are some great resources for both biological, pre-med, or biomedical internships: