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Rajib Hasan teaching.

Whether you want to become a computer science professional or to apply computing technology to solve problems arising from other domains, the faculty and staff at the Department of Computer Science are here to help you succeed. Our faculty members are not only experts in their own fields, but are also approachable and take pride in focusing on students and helping them become the next generation of computer science professionals.

Knowledge That Is State of the Art

Our faculty members understand that future graduates require the latest knowledge and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. They continuously replenish the departmental reservoir of state of the art knowledge through cutting edge research in the broad field of computer science. They emphasize cyber security, big data, biomedical applications, and advanced cyber infrastructures.

Collaboration With the World

Our faculty and staff collaborate closely with colleagues from other universities, industries, and government agencies to address our shared challenges in research and education, and they give back to the community and professional organizations through various service activities.

Please browse the faculty profiles to learn more about their innovations in both teaching and research.

Dr. John Johnstone teaching.