A point cloud of the Coliseum in Rome, extracted from multiple images gathered from the web, using structure from motion. Research Labs

The Computer Science department performs research in many different areas. Currently we have labs actively doing research in the following areas: Shape Modeling, Data Mining, Computer Forensics, High Performance Computing, Collaborative Computing, Computer Security, Machine Learning, and Bioinformatics.

To learn more about a specific research lab please visit their websites listed below.

In addition to these research labs, the department plays a leadership role in the UAB Center for Cyber Security (informally known as “the Center”).

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics seeks to apply the principles of computer science to the real-world problems faced by CyberCrime investigators. Current research areas include spam data mining for law enforcement, phishing, and malware analysis.


The research conducted in the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Research (KDDM) Lab combines development of pattern matching algorithms, statistical techniques, distributed database techniques, and visualization methods.

Shape Lab

Shape modeling is the study of the construction and analysis of digital representations of shape. A shape model is used as a surrogate for the actual object in areas such as biomedical modeling, robotics, computer animation, product design, and architecture. The shape model facilitates design, quantitative analysis, visualization, and planning. The underlying mathematical model of a surface in the shape model takes various forms: triangular mesh, B-spline surface, Bezier surface, subdivision surface, and others.


The SECuRE and Trustworthy computing Lab (SECRETLab) is dedicated to cutting-edge research on computer security, digital forensics, and big data. Established in 2011 by Dr. Ragib Hasan, the lab explores research projects focused on efficient and practical security as well as data storage.