A minor in Mathematics is available to students majoring in other subject areas. Requirements are 21 semester hours include:

  • MA 125,126, and 227 (Calculus I-III)
  • Nine hour in mathematics courses numbered above 249, other than MA 400-419. (MA 260, Computational Matrix Algebra, and MA 434, Algebra I :Linear, cannot both be counted.).

Student Advising

The Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Jeanne S. Hutchison, is available to advise students on career and academic objectives and program planning. Mathematics majors are encouraged to consult her before registration each term, or whenever they have questions concerning their academic progress. Department faculty are pleased to discuss their research and professional interests with students.

Anyone interested in advisement, visiting the department, or desiring further information about the Mathematics program at UAB is invited to call 934-2154 or to stop by Room 452, Campbell Hall, 1300 University Blv

Fast-Track Program Director
Department of Mathematics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294-1170
Call: (205) 934-2154
Email: overstee@uab.edu