PhD Date: 2005
Advisor: Robert M. Kauffman (1999-2004), Nikolai Chernov (2004-2005)
Career: 2008-present: Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts
  2007-2008: Postdoc, Northwestern University
  2005-2007: Associate Professor, North China Electric Power University

Hongkun Zhang: I went to UAB in 1999 and greeted by Prof. Kauffman who explained to me the beauty of ergodic theorem in the airport. I feel so lucky that the math department has so many distinguished professors, who devoted into teaching, research and fostering students. The departmental environment is always encouraging and makes me feel at home. I benefited from many advices and encouragement given by Prof. Chernov and many faculties. I am always proud of being a PhD student of UAB