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Alex Carpenter

Studying Philosophy at UAB has been the most engaging and enjoyable years of my college career. This is not only because of my love for the subject, but because of the quality of the Philosophy department as a whole. But why do I love Philosophy so much? I have studied how the greatest minds in human history have tackled questions far deeper and more fundamental than any other subject attempts to: What is the meaning of life? Is God real? What does it mean to be a good person? What is a just society? What are, or should be, the limits of science? Through taking aim at these fundamental questions and engaging with intellectual giants, philosophy has taught me more about human nature than psychology, more about political disagreements than political science and showed me the limitations of the sciences that seem so dominant and all-knowing in our modern age.

All of this has been made possible by the amazing Professors that make up the Philosophy Department at UAB. The most unique thing about the department is the pure joy that disagreements are met with. Every challenge or debate I have ever participated in has not only been met with excitement and good will but also furthered my understanding of the material. These kinds of open and engaging exchanges of ideas are a rarity in our day and age, and they have been an invaluable part of my growth through philosophy. If you want a lively discussion where truth is prioritized, and discourse is embraced then UAB Philosophy is for you. Because of the engaging Professors and profound material, I have discovered my career dream: to take the deeply meaningful insights of Philosophy and apply them in a psychotherapy practice. My original draw to philosophy came when I was a teenager trying to make sense of the world: all the pain and suffering in what seemed to be a meaningless struggle really brought on that familiar teen angst. Through the years my engagement with philosophy has helped me immensely in coping with the tragedy of the human experience. Now with my Philosophy degree almost complete I dream of applying these ideas in therapy to have a direct and meaningful impact on people's lives.

My path highlights the key career benefit of a philosophy degree: adaptability and universality. All subjects are built upon the foundation of Philosophy which makes it an excellent undergrad for someone like me with post-graduate degree dreams. My Philosophy degree has given me critical thinking skills and an understanding of the depth and breadth of human thought that will make me a very competitive applicant to my Psychology grad-programs but would also give me the same edge if I was applying to Medical School, MBA programs or Law School. If you truly want your college experience to challenge your beliefs, expand your thinking and prepare you to perform at a high level across many different industries, philosophy is the right choice.