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Cecilia Ballinger

"I am now in law school at Alabama and my philosophy background has been a huge help. I am confident speaking up in my classes and articulating my opinions. My philosophy degree has also prepared me well to pull out meaning from complex readings and arguments. These skills, among others, have served me extremely well so far in law school.”

Cecilia Ballinger (Class of 2021)

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Noah Blackney

"Philosophy is unlike any other subject. There are no other fields of study in which you can discuss if a hot dog is a sandwich one day and the meaning of life the next. I would encourage students at UAB to take at least one philosophy class because everyone can find something they’re interested in.”

Noah Blackney (Current Student)

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Alex Carpenter

"Because of the engaging Professors and profound material, I have discovered my career dream: to take the deeply meaningful insights of Philosophy and apply them in a psychotherapy practice.”

Alex Carpenter (Current Student)

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John Medley

"So many classes teach you what to think, but philosophy teaches you HOW to think through reading and analysis, an invaluable skill that can set you apart from your peers in any field.”

John Medley (Current Student)

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Hannah Richey

"In learning about the different areas of philosophy, I became really interested in ethics and moral philosophy and how it related to my studies in criminal justice. My goal is to research the ethics and morality of prisons and ways we can seek justice outside the carceral system.”

Hannah Richey (Current Student)

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Carly Snidow

"Studying philosophy has made me a more curious and invested person. Where I could previously accept my thoughts and actions at face value, I now interrogate them in a way that makes me an asset in my professional life and makes my personal life rich and engaging.”

Carly Snidow (Class of 2021)

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Liza Thomas

"For the girl who would not speak in class for fear of being wrong or asking the nonexistent foolish question, it feels as though philosophy gave me my voice back.”

Liza Thomas (Current Student)

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Anna Ulrey

"I believe that I can move forward in my career as a more thoughtful, ethical, and confident person as a result of the Philosophy major at UAB.”

Anna Ulrey (Current Student)

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Micah Williams

"Philosophy has helped me to not only think critically about social policy and people’s ideologies, but to also conceive of potential tangible solutions to some of the major issues facing the world today.”

Micah Williams (Current Student)

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Daylon Wingate

"I think everyone should study Philosophy because it will help you learn to critically evaluate things, which is a skill that everyone needs.”

Daylon Wingate (Current Student)

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