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Anna Ulrey

I entered UAB as a Philosophy major because I knew that I was interested in the humanities and wanted to explore this interest of mine regardless of what my future career plans would be. Philosophy, especially ethics, quickly grew to be one of my greatest passions and something that I consider often in my daily life. Until studying philosophy, I never thought too hard about why I have certain opinions about situations and topics in the world around me; now, I not only know how to flesh out these important details, but I also feel more comfortable and competent in communicating about them with others. I admit, I’ve even found myself sneaking philosophy into my conversations with friends! My experience has been amplified by professors who are involved and dedicated, whether that has been ensuring I have the tools and solid understanding to do well in philosophy courses or supporting my endeavors in research.

Future students at UAB: regardless of your intended career path, please consider studying philosophy in some capacity during your time here at UAB. I’m entering medical school after I graduate, and I am so thankful that my undergraduate studies have been spent in the Philosophy Department. I believe that I can move forward in my career as a more thoughtful, ethical, and confident person as a result of the Philosophy major at UAB.