Daylon Wingate

I started attending UAB in 2018 as a biomedical sciences major working toward applying to medical school. As I took one of the introductory bioethics courses for the biomedical sciences program, I wanted to take classes more like this. I remembered taking an ethics course in the past at a community college and really enjoying it. I changed my major to Philosophy with a concentration in ethics after realizing that I would regret not pursuing a subject that I love and enjoy.

I have learned so much since beginning my study of Philosophy. Since deciding to change my major I have many new worldviews that I didn't have before. I feel that since studying Philosophy at UAB I have increased my understanding of the views that shape our ethical beliefs as a society.

Taking Philosophy hasn't changed my career goals as I still intend to become a physician. However, it has helped me to better understand myself, my reasons for wanting to do what I do, and my ability to articulate these. The fact that I was able to reach the point of graduation sooner than any other major is just a bonus!

I think everyone should study Philosophy because it will help you learn to critically evaluate things, which is a skill that everyone needs. It also exposes you to many different subjects and even different cultures. Even if a major in Philosophy isn't possible a minor would be a life changer as well.