Department of Physics
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PhysicsBridge Summer Camp One-week summer program for incoming freshmen from local high schools to learn about the basics of optics and lasers. Students learn how to put together telescopes, microscopes, and other simple optics systems and visit UAB labs that use optics for research and medicine. The program is being offered July 29 - August 2, 2013.

How to register: Email for an application
Cost:  $150
Dr. David J. Hilton
Phone: 205-934-5171
HS Science Class                 
20-min to 1-hr presentations to your science classes by UAB physics faculty and students on topics in physics, research, careers in physics, preparation for college science, etc. Dr. Tom M. Nordlund
Phone: 205-934-0340

                                   OpticsBridge students from Summer 2011 with Dr. Hilton.