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Stacy Moak

Professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Heritage Hall 429
(205) 923-2339

Research and Teaching Interests: Constitutional Law, Juvenile Justice and Law, Neighborhood Characteristics and structural disadvantage, offender re-entry, and international social justice

Office Hours: By appointment only


  • BS, University of Southern Mississippi, Criminal Justice
  • JD, Loyola University New Orleans
  • PhD, University of New Orleans, Urban Studies

Dr. Stacy Moak is originally from Brookhaven, Mississippi. She recently joined the Political Science and Public Administration faculty after being a faculty member in the Social Work department for the past 4 years. Dr. Moak was a faculty member in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas Little Rock for 10 years prior to moving to Alabama in 2016.

Dr. Moak is a Sparkman Fellow and mentors students who engage in global solutions to complex issues. She is also a faculty associate with the Institute for Human Rights. Additionally, she has developed and leads a faculty-led study abroad program to Kenya. She works closely with the Offender Alumni Association in Birmingham and conducts service-learning projects with her students and the OAA program. Dr. Moak has an interdisciplinary approach to her scholarship and her teaching and students experience topics from a variety of viewpoints.

In addition to leading programs to Kenya, Dr. Moak teaches as a member of the Law Faculty at Karl Franz University in Graz Austria alternating summer. She enjoys international travel and has traveled to Australia, China, Africa, Austria, Japan, Norway, Whales, Brazil, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and Germany. Dr. Moak believes that experiencing cultures and customs that are different from those of Americans encourages worldwide understanding and promotes peace.


  • Recent Courses
    • Constitutional Law
    • Social Policy and Advocacy Practice
    • Community Based Corrections
    • Urban Politics
    • American Government
    • Study Abroad to Kenya
    • Health, Crime, and Community
  • Select Publications
    • Moak, Stacy (June 2020). “Black & Blue: What’s Causing America’s Bruise.” Lister Hill Center for Health Police, University of Alabama Birmingham. https://www.uab.edu/listerhillcenter/publications/blog/21-publications/blog-posts/126-black-blue-what-s-causing-america-s-bruise
    • Moak, Stacy, Laurel Hitchcock, and Jeremy Sherer (accepted for 2020 ). Notes from the Field: Promoting an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Obstacles to Success in Reentry. Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education (forthcoming in Spring)
    • Moak, Stacy (2020). "Short-term Study Abroad Including Service-Learning with Critical Reflection Provides Transformative Experience for Students: Case Study from Kenya." Journal of Service-Learning in Higher Education Vol 10: 86-107.
    • Moak, Stacy, Jeff Walker, Martha Earwood, and Gaby Towry. (2019). Using Reentry Simulations to Promote Changes in Attitude Toward Offenders: Experiential Learning to Promote Successful Reentry. American Journal of Criminal Justice. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12103-019-09500-9.
    • Liles, Alesa and Stacy Moak (2018). Liles. “Feminist Pathways and Female Homicide Offenders. Sociology and Crime, Law and Deviance: Homicide and Violent Crime (Vol. 23, pp 43-60).
    • Alesa Liles, Johanna Thomas and Stacy Moak (2018) Predicting program success for adult offenders with serious mental illness in a court ordered diversion program, Social Work in Mental Health, 16:6, 665-681, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/15332985.2018.1476285
    • Moak, Stacy C., Caitlin P.S. McAteer, Heather A. Rossi, and Merrill J. Schmidt (2018). Listening local: Community perceptions of fresh food resources in Greater Little Rock. Journal of Community Psychology Vol. 46:3 pp. 311-331.
    • Moak, Stacy C. (2017). Juvenile Sex Offenders: Issues of Definition and Treatment. Sexual Assault: The Victims, the Perpetrators, and the Criminal Justice System, 3rd Edition. Eds Francis R. Reddington and Betsy Kreisel. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. Second Edition published 2009.
  • Academic Distinctions & Professional Societies
    • Member: Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Urban Affairs Association, National Association of Social Workers, Southern
    • Criminal Justice Association
    • Provost Award for Excellence in Study Abroad 2018