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Stephanie Pink-Harper

Associate Professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Heritage Hall 423
(205) 975-6570

Research and Teaching Interests: Local economic development, workplace diversity, human resource management, social equity, organizational behavior

Office Hours: By appointment only


  • BA, Auburn University
  • MPA, Auburn University
  • PhD, Mississippi State University

Dr. Pink-Harper received her Ph.D. from Mississippi State University December 2011. Her research explores ways to enhance quality of life in local communities and in the workplace organization. Specifically her research explores the impact that economic development (urban and rural) strategies have on stimulating local economies. It also explores the impact that the workplace environment for underrepresented/marginalized groups has on employee satisfaction and performance and thus public service delivery.

Her research has been published in the American Review of Public Administration, International Journal of Public Administration, Economic Development Quarterly, Public Budgeting and Finance, Public Performance and Management Review, Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, and Health and Human Services Administration, and the Ralph Bunche Journal of Public Affairs. More information is available on pdfDr. Pink-Harper’s CV.

  • Recent Courses
    • City and County Management
    • Economic Development
  • Select Publications


    • Fletcher, Michelle, Burnside, Randolph, & Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2019). “Determining the Level of Cultural Competence of College Police Departments: A Study of Three Different Campuses.” Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, 26 (1): Article 6. Available at: https://digitalscholarship.tsu.edu/jpmsp/vol26/iss1/6
    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2018). “Does County Form of Government Affect Economic Growth and Development Trends? The Case of Four States." The American Review of Public Administration, 48 (3), 245-259. https://doi.org/10.1177/0275074016682314
    • Stewart, LaShonda M., Hamman, John A., & Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2018). "The Stabilization Effect of Local Government Savings: The Case of Illinois Counties". Public Budgeting and Finance, 38 (2): 23-39. https://doi.org/10.1111/pbaf.12185
    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A., Davis, Randall, & Burnside, Randolph. (2017). ““Justice for All”: An Examination of Self-Identified LGBT’s Job Satisfaction in the U.S. Federal Workforce.” Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 34(2): 182-197. https://doi.org/10.1002/cjas.1420
    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. & Rauhaus, Beth. (2017). Examining the Impact of Federal Employee Wellness Programs and Employee Resilience in the Federal Workplace. Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, 40(3): 353-356.
    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. & Duong, Diep. (2017). “Social Capital, Civic Engagement, and Economics in a Transitioning Economy: The Case of Vietnam Provinces.” International Journal of Public Administration, 40(11): 930-941. https://doi.org/10.1080/01900692.2016.1210166
    • Davis, Randall, & Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2016). “Connecting Knowledge of Rule- Breaking and Perceived Red Tape: How Behavioral Attribution Influences Red Tape Perceptions.” Public Performance & Management Review, 40(1): 181-200. https://doi.org/10.1080/15309576.2016.1214156
    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2015). “Educational Attainment: An Examination of its Impact on Regional Economic Growth.” Economic Development Quarterly, 29(2): 167-179. https://doi.org/10.1177/0891242414561495

    Book Chapters

    • Pink-Harper, Stephanie A. (2017). “Examining the Housing Dilemma in the Rural South’s Alabama Black Belt & Mississippi Delta Regions.” In Rural Housing and Economic Development. Edited by Don E. Albrecht, Scott Loveridge, Stephan Goetz, Rachel Welborn.
  • Professional Societies
    • Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society
    • Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society
    • American Society for Public Administration (ASPA)
    • The Midwest Political Science Association
    • Conference of Minority Public Administration (COMPA)
    • Section for Women in Public Administration (SWPA)
  • Student Groups
    • Faculty Advisor, International City/County Management Association (ICMA), UAB Chapter