Lindsay Sutton

PhD, Developmental Psychology concentration, 2013

Career: Lead Behavioral Designer & Business Strategist, Two Ravens | Lead Performance Strategist & Master Facilitator, Advancing the Science of Social Creativity- Hidden Innovators | Master Trainer & Facilitator, Human at Work

Scientist. Strategist. Conversationalist. Human Advocate. Dr. Lindsay M. Sutton is a founding partner at Two Ravens, a mission-focused innovation and technology consultancy located in Birmingham, AL. There, she serves as a research and behavioral scientist and conducts leading-edge research projects for both national brands and promising early-stage startups. Leveraging both her PhD in Psychology with a concentration in Developmental Psychology, as well as her MSPH in Outcomes Research, she continually leverages methods to discover new insights, designs new ways to apply old insights, and translates existing psychological and behavioral theory into actionable measures that give voice to unique populations. Her pursuit of human understanding, both in its strength and vulnerability, helps her design and create impactful physical, behavioral, and digital experiences aimed at shaping positive behaviors. Whether it is a large multinational corporation or small local non-profit, the mission is to improve human lives and she strives for this in everything she does by making people and their betterment the central focus of her work.