William Neumeier

PhD, Developmental Psychology concentration, 2016

Career: Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment Commander, US Army, USARIEM

Captain William Neumeier, PhD, graduated from the Psychology PhD program with a concentration in Developmental Psychology in April 2016. His thesis and dissertation research focused on the relationships between behavior, exercise, and nutrition. His dissertation, chaired by Dr. Fred Biasini, explored the relationship between mental fatigue, exercise, and eating behavior. Neumeier also contributed to other projects during his time as a graduate student, including the impact of cognitive demand on food selection, the relationship between executive function and weight loss maintenance, physical activity participation by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the effects of exercise frequency on mental and physical outcomes. During his time in the LDPP program Neumeier also taught undergraduate courses, served on committees for scientific organizations, and served on the Psychology Graduate Student Council.

Immediately after completion of his doctoral degree, Neumeier began a post-doctoral fellowship with the UAB Lakeshore Foundation Research Collaborative under the mentorship of Dr. Jim Rimmer. During this time, Neumeier directed a weight loss intervention for individuals with intellectual disability and developed Veterans related research.

In March 2018 he direct commissioned with the Medical Service Corps of the US Army as a 71F, Research Psychologist. He completed his initial military training in 2018 and also achieved Level 1 Modern Army Combatives certification. In November 2018, Neumeier began his assignment at the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM), Military Performance Division. He is Principal Investigator of a project sponsored by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is exploring the effects of peripheral cranial nerve stimulation on the acquisition of military relevant skills. He is also an Associate Investigator of a Military Operational Medicine sponsored project utilizing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to examine the effects of peripheral cranial nerve stimulation on neurochemical changes within the brain, and Associate Investigator of another sponsored project that investigates the effects of sleep deprivation on friend versus foe discrimination with marksmanship.

Neumeier is currently the Officer in Charge of the Warfighter Cognitive Performance Laboratory at USARIEM and also has additional duties to include Safety Officer, Contract Officer Representative for Army Acquisitions, and serves as a member of the Army Acquisition Workforce.