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A woman looking at data on two computer monitors. UAB is committed to promptly and thoroughly reviewing concerns of wrongful conduct brought forward in good faith. Where warranted based on the conclusions of a review or investigation, UAB takes appropriate actions to correct errors, eliminate deficient practices, and/or make improvements. General information is available below on how reviews and investigations may be conducted at UAB. Review and investigation processes vary based on the subject matter and the unit or body conducting the review or investigation.

Process Overview

Step One: Referral and Initial Inquiry

  • Concerns may be reported through the UAB Hotline or to a supervisor or other central UAB office
  • Reports are referred to the appropriate office for review
  • Reviewers will evaluate the allegations and either recommend further investigation or an alternate resolution

Step Two: Investigation

  • Reviewer may follow up with the involved parties and potential witnesses to gather additional information
  • Evidence that is provided in the initial report, as well as any additional evidence gathered during the investigation, is reviewed

Step Three: Outcome

  • Appropriate action is taken based on the information gathered during the investigation

UAB recognizes the importance of balancing the need to arrive at the truth with respectful consideration of the confidentiality and/or anonymity of the parties involved. Every attempt is made by the reviewers to be attentive to those considerations in the course of a review or investigation. Individuals who are asked to participate in a review or investigation should be open and truthful in answering any questions, cooperate fully, and respect the privacy of the matter by not discussing it with others, unless as directed by the reviewer. Individuals may also be asked to assist in developing and implementing corrective actions.

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