The management of University records from creation to destruction should be accomplished in a uniform manner that promotes compliance with laws, regulations, and judicial proceedings, promotes appropriate business objectives, and allows for the management, maintenance, and replacement of associated information systems technology in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Below are resources for management and retention of University records.

UAB Records Retention Policy
UAB Destruction of University Records Procedures
Records Retention Schedule
Data Classification Rule
Data Protection Rule

The following checklist is recommended for departments disposing of university records:

1.  Check eligibility.
     A. Consult the Records Retention Schedule to see if record retention period has expired.
     B. Records for which the record retention period is described as permanent may be eligible for archiving at University Archives. Consult University Archives to determine if such records meet their criteria for archiving. Contact University archives here.

2.  Determine data classification.
     A. Consult UAB's Data Classification Rule to determine if documents contain public, sensitive, or restricted/PHI data.

3.  Dispose of information appropriately.
     A. See Destruction of University Records Procedures.

Note: Financial affairs has established shredding vendors though University Contracts. All paper shredding and recycling vendors are required to complete a UAB-approved Business Associate Agreement to comply with HIPAA regulations.