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Students walking on a brick sidewalk on the UAB campus, trees and a blue sky in the background. The Office of Compliance & Risk Assurance oversees the policy development process at UAB. This includes managing the UAB Policies and Procedures Library and ensuring all new and revised University-wide and departmental policies meet the requirements of UA System Board Rule 108.

Policies are written by those in authority to mandate or constrain actions within the UAB community or ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws or regulations. All new and revised policies must meet the following requirements:

  • UAB stakeholders are given the opportunity to review and provide feedback on the policy draft.
  • Office of Counsel and Office of Compliance & Risk Assurance are involved in drafting the policy or are given the opportunity to provide feedback on the policy draft.
  • The policy draft is benchmarked with similar University of Alabama and University of Alabama in Huntsville policies.
  • The policy draft is consistent with UA System Board Bylaws, Rules, and pronouncements.

UAB’s Campus Designee is available to guide policy owners through the development process. Reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions or to begin the process.

Resources for Policy Owners and Policy Contacts

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