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As a data scientist, you'll be using math, statistics, and programming skills to organize information and help businesses find solutions. Earning a master's in data science can help prepare you for a career as a software engineer, systems analyst, database administrator, research analyst, and more.

To help you be more successful in your career, we want your education to be well-rounded. That's why every one of your classes will teach you about one of these categories: data analytics, cyber security, high-performance computing, and digital forensics. In addition to your core courses of Machine Learning, Foundation of Data Science, Advanced Algorithms and Applications, and either Database Application Development or Database Systems, you'll take electives such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Deep Learning, Modern Cryptography, Cloud Computing, and Digital Media Forensics. You'll also take electives outside our department—classes like Data Science for Business, Introduction to Bioinformatics, and others. Finally, we'll want you to choose between one of two plans. Plan I (thesis option), is better if you're considering going for a doctorate degree. If your goal is simply professional development, you'd probably prefer Plan II (non-thesis option).

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Dr. Chengcui Zhang

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