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Do you measure your success by the success of your students? So do we, and we want you to reach the highest level of understanding education for young children. In this program, you'll study the collaborative skills, mentoring techniques, and instructional strategies that will prepare you to prepare them.

You'll gain your in-depth knowledge by conducting research and first-hand experiences. To get started, you'll need to choose a speciality. Your choices are Piagetian theory; early childhood literacy; early childhood and diverse populations, including emergent bilingual learners; and early intervention/young children at risk. Then, you'll build a foundation with courses such as Issues in Development Theory, Children and Society, and Advanced Early Childhood Curriculum, with additional courses like Meaning and Development of Play, Research in Infancy, or Parent Child and School Interface, depending on your interests. Next, you'll take courses on research methodology and complete a relevant internship. Finally, you'll participate in emerging scholar communities with faculty to help you acquire the skills necessary to teach and conduct research at a doctoral level.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Kelly Hill

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