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Healthcare students and professionals need the right training before they treat patients, and a valuable form of that training is simulation, or a learning scenario that mimics reality. We can teach you innovative ways to integrate simulation into your organization, including how to manage a sim center.

In fact, our program is taught by internationally-recognized experts in simulation design and implementation, and utilizes collaboration between students from different career paths. For instance, your curriculum will include classes in both the UAB School of Health Professions as well as the School of Education. Your coursework will be divided into the following categories: simulation and education core, leadership and patient safety, and electives. During your first semester, we'll want you to be a part of a three-day, on-campus visit so we can give you the basics of healthcare simulation. After that, all your courses will be online. We'll cover current trends in the industry, project management, instructional design strategies, simulation methodology, financial management, clinical quality improvement, and fundamental leadership skills for clinical professionals. You'll also pick electives that give you independent study opportunities or other advisor-approved options. In the end, you should have a strong foundation in simulation methodology, leadership, and patient safety.

Delivery Method

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Michelle Brown

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