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In health care, nothing's more important than the patient experience, and the industry needs people like you to make safety, quality, and efficiency top priorities. We can give you the healthcare quality training you need for a job as a consultant, specialist, or upper-level management position.

We carefully designed this program to give you a well-rounded understanding of leadership, data system design, process management, hazard analysis, and more. In fact, in your very first course we're going to teach you about management tools and modeling techniques for the improvement of clinical processes and decision-making. Your other classes will cover data system design processes, statistics, the nature and science of medical error, and more. Finally, you'll finish with a Leadership in High Reliability Healthcare Organizations course, which will focus on creating a strong, functional, and safe patient care environment. As a working professional, you can apply the knowledge you'll learn in real time to your department, clinic, hospital, long-term care facility, outpatient care center, or physician office. Additionally you can apply credits from this certificate to complete a Master of Science in Healthcare Simulation.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Allyson Hall

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