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You're a practicing occupational therapist, but you want to build on your knowledge so you can offer more services to adults with vision impairments. At UAB, we can teach you clinical applications and help prepare you to put your new skills to work.

For your education, we've assembled a world-class faculty who literally wrote the book on the occupational therapy approach to low vision rehabilitation. That's right—our faculty members contributed chapters to the American Occupational Therapy Association textbook Occupational Therapy Interventions for Adults with Low Vision. Plus, because you have a busy schedule, we've made earning your degree simple. First, you'll take one class per semester for five semesters. You'll learn about medical conditions, screenings, anatomy, intervention strategies, the use of assistive technologies and optic devices, functional mobility, and more. You'll also take the course Foundations in Treatment of Visual Impairments from Brain Injury. Finally, you'll complete the program with an intensive, three-day on-campus review, so you can gain a better understanding of how to put your knowledge into practice.

Delivery Method


This program delivers at least half of the content online with the remaining content delivered via on- campus meetings. Please check with the program director for more information about on-campus requirements.

Program Director

Dr. Beth Barstow

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