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Being a good communicator and mentor is a vital part of well-rounded leadership in any organization. At UAB, we can help sharpen your presentation, writing, and development skills either while you earn your graduate degree or as you continue with your career.

In fact, not only is the program designed to help you increase your skills, it can also help you build a mentoring and leadership portfolio. First, you'll take three required courses in the basics of mentoring and leadership. Next, you'll choose electives that will hone your skills as an effective communicator. For instance, if you're looking to enter a field where robust writing skills are required, you might want to take courses such as Writing and Reviewing Research, Grants and Fellowships, or our Writing Successfully Workshop. Our other topics covered include presentation skills, discussion skills, critical decision making, and ethical leadership. In the end, you’ll have earned a Level-A certificate from our Graduate School that can be included on your résumé.

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This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

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Dr. Penny Seals

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