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If you see yourself in a leadership position one day, then you’ll have to do more than simply gain experience—you’ll have to know how to build teams, think critically, and communicate effectively. Whether you’re an upper-level undergraduate thinking about your next step or a working professional ready for advancement, UAB’s Leadership and Professional Development (LEAD) graduate certificate can help prepare you to take your career to another level.

How do you know if you can benefit from LEAD? Well, our program is designed to help anyone interested in becoming a leader. We have some important courses that all students must take, including Introduction to Leadership Behaviors, Ethics in the Workplace, Team Development and Dynamics, and Leadership by Design. Then you get to tailor the rest of your curriculum to your professional goals by selecting six credit hours of skill-building electives. These include courses such as Emotional intelligence, Gender Dynamics and Leadership, Prioritization and Decision Making, and Professional Interviewing and Interviews. By the time you finish, you’ll have had the chance to gain skills crucial to being a leader in today’s job market.

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This program delivers at least half of the content online with the remaining content delivered via on- campus meetings. Please check with the program director for more information about on-campus requirements.

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Dr. Penny Seals

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