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According to the World Health Organization, 15 million more health workers are needed by 2030. With this certificate, you can gain foundational knowledge of the field of public health and help meet this growing worldwide need.

Best of all, you only need 16 credit hours to gain the important skills that can help you pursue a public health career. First, we'll teach you about the logic and language of scientific methods in ife-science research in your biostatistics class. Then, you'll take an epidemiology course, where you'll learn the basic principles, methods, and applications of epidemiology, as well as measures of disease frequency, design and analysis, indices of disease and health, and more. Finally, your other courses will include Public Health Systems, Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health, and the Fundamentals of Environmental Health Sciences. All these courses are available online, and 12 course hours can all be applied toward a Master of Public Health if you decide to pursue one.

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Meghan Walker

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