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If you're fascinated by how people interact with one another, and how relationships, social groups, and political structures influence our actions, an MA in Sociology could be for you. You can become an expert in how society functions, which can position you to pursue a career in business, government, non-profits, or another profession.

While the MA is a great launching pad into any of those careers, it's also the first step toward earning a PhD in Medical Sociology. In fact, because we don't offer a terminal MA in Medical Sociology, we've made it a specific concentration and a stepping stone to the PhD program. Plan I (thesis option), as we call it, requires that you completes six semester hours of thesis research, a research-based thesis, and an oral defense. Plan II (non-thesis option) is a nine-course online program that builds upon your professional experience. It's perfect if you already have an undergraduate degree but just want to diversify your skill set. No matter which track you choose, however, you can count on faculty and advisor mentoring as we provide you with opportunities to work as a teaching assistant or research assistant on projects, grants, or in various research centers.

Delivery Method

100% Online

This program can be taken completely online.

Program Director

Dr. Cullen Clark

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