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Understanding our past is what guides us into our future. And we need people like you to help show us where we come from, preserve and protect our most important pieces of history, and give us the knowledge and tools we need to move forward together.

In our MA in Cultural Heritage Studies program, we’ll teach you how societies around the world select and preserve traditions, monuments, and important cultural artifacts—and how that affects public policy and advocacy. Depending on what you want to accomplish in your career, you’ll choose between two concentrations of study. The Cultural Heritage concentration focuses on giving you an in-depth knowledge of international cultural heritage and its role in politics and diplomacy. You’ll also learn about how and why we conserve historical sites—and the damaging impact of looting and destruction of these places. If you choose the Cultural Heritage Administration concentration, your coursework will dive more into public policy and advocacy. You’ll get to study the role that museums and nonprofits play in educating the public—plus you’ll study the fundamentals of running and managing an organization that promotes cultural heritage understanding. No matter which concentration you choose, you’ll take 27 hours of coursework, including Issues in Global Cultural Heritage Preservation: Practice and Policy. You’ll also earn three credit hours completing a practicum or internship. And to graduate, you’ll complete a research project that proves you have the skills needed to enter the field.


  • Cultural Administration
  • Cultural Heritage

Delivery Methods


This program delivers most of its content via on-campus, in-person meetings.

Program Director

Dr. Cathleen Cummings

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