idp group photo.

The International Dental Program (IDP) offers non-US trained dentists the opportunity to earn a D.M.D. degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. Following an intensive 6-month preparatory term, qualified students merge with traditional students to complete the final two years of the D.M.D. curriculum.

In the first term, students are introduced to the UAB patient care philosophy and dental techniques. Students who participate in this program will represent a great diversity of training, background, and experience levels. For this reason, some standardization is necessary. Students will spend time in preclinical training, classroom sessions, and small group seminars.

Qualified students are then integrated with traditional D3 students to complete the final two years of the D.M.D. curriculum which is spent primarily in clinical activities.

The major focus of the D3 year is on patient care. Students work in treatment teams providing comprehensive dental care. Rotations in community clinics, emergency care, endodontics, geriatrics, hospital dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, prosthodontics, & treatment planning ensure exposure to all aspects of dental care including advanced procedures and special patient populations. The evidence-based didactic curriculum is designed to offer companion courses to the clinical experiences.

The major focus of the final, D4, year is to prepare the student for the independent practice of dentistry. Comprehensive patient care and supplemental rotations continue. Additional optional experiences in community clinics with a focus on at-risk populations are offered. Didactic courses concentrate on advanced techniques and are predominantly given in seminar format.

Each candidate who successfully completes the program will receive the D.M.D. degree. This will qualify the student for licensure application in most regions of the United States.