Notice to Patients and Visitors

Our 1st floor Limited Care Clinic and Treatment Planning Clinic are currently under renovation, but we're still open for business. Patients and visitors should enter through the front doors, where reception staff are happy to provide directions and guidance amid the renovation. We look forward to your visit and please remember to bring your mask!

Smiling receptionist sitting at a computer.

Thank you for your interest in making an appointment with a UAB Dentistry clinic. Appointments begin at 8:30 am and 1:30pm weekdays.* Most clinics close from 12:00 to 1:00 pm for lunch and at 5:00 pm each evening.

*We are closed on weekends, university holidays, and special school events. Watch our website for closure details.

To make an appointment:

Comprehensive Care (Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Dentures, Crowns) (205) 934-2700
Advanced General Dentistry (Medically Compromised Patients) (205) 934-2552
BioHorizons Research Clinic (205) 996-5747
Endodontics (Root Canal) (205) 934-4122
Maxillofacial Prosthetics
(Special needs patients: acquired, congenital, and traumatic intraoral and extraoral defects)
(205) 934-3356
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (Tooth Removal, Implants) (205) 934-4507
Orthodontics (Braces) (205) 934-4536
Pediatric Dentistry (Children’s Dentistry: infant to 18 years) (205) 934-4546
Periodontal Research Clinic (205) 934-1503
Periodontology (Gum Disease, Implants) (205) 934-4551
Prosthodontics (Dentures, Crowns and Bridges) (205) 934-4540
UAB Dental Group – Faculty (Private) Practice
(Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Cosmetic, Crowns, Implants, Gum Disease)
(205) 934-2340