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I am currently an Apprenticeship Supervisor for the MAEd/ESL program's TESOL track, where I mentor graduate students who will soon be entering the field for teaching English as a Second Language. Anna Skees

I have also been teaching ESL at UAB since 2013 when I finished my master's degree in TESOL, also at UAB. I teach primarily in the Academic English program at the INTO UAB center and enjoy finding new ways to make learning a language fun! With students from multiple cultures in each class, I love feeling as if I have the whole world in my classroom, where I can learn from my students as they learn from me.

Living in Russia for two years - learning Russian and teaching English - was the impetus that led me toward teaching ESL as a profession. It was there that I learned to appreciate the value of cross-cultural communication and discovered how enjoyable teaching is!

I love supervising apprentice teachers in the MA-TESOL program because I know from personal experience how influential good mentors can be. In my first few years as a teacher, my more experienced colleagues invested a great deal of their time and expertise into my life. They were always interested, always patient, always helpful! I appreciate their willingness to share their teaching practices with me, so I consider it a privilege to continue the tradition of supporting and encouraging novice teachers.

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