"Your efforts are important to Alabama and the preparation of teachers. As Alabama seeks to develop a trained and qualified workforce, it cannot be done without recognizing the cultural and linguistic needs of our students."
Gregory G. Fitch, Executive Director (retired), Alabama Commission on Higher Education

InternsInterns meeting with lead teachers at their future summer internship placements

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MAEd/ESL: Traditional Track  
Traditional MAEd/ESL Advising Packet  |  Traditional MA Information Packet
Class A Program Checklists - Traditional (ALSDE):
MAEd/ESL: Alternative Track  
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MAEd/ESL: TESOL Track (for teaching adult learners; non-certification)
MA-TESOL Advising Packet
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MA-TESOL for International Students
MA-TESOL Advising Packet for International Students
INTO UAB's Standard TESOL Pathway starting in Fall
INTO UAB's Standard TESOL Pathway starting in Spring

Educational Specialist
EdS in TESOL Information Packet
EdS in TESOL Non-Certification Track Checklist
EdS in TESOL Certification Track Checklist

PhD Educational Studies in Diverse Populations (ESDP)
Pedagogical Studies Concentration: Information Packet
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ESDP Handbook

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