The School of Education (SOE) has an ESL Advisory Council that provides input regarding program strengths and challenges. This council consists of ESL educators in P-12 schools and in adult ESL settings. Many council members are alumni of UAB's ESL teacher education program. The SOE's ESL Advisory Council meets about once a year with ESL faculty who greatly value and appreciate the perspectives and suggestions provided by council members and also by other school partners.

As part of its accreditation process, the SOE is required to maintain ongoing relationships with its partnering educational institutions and routinely incorporates feedback as impetus for program changes and progress. These reciprocal relationships greatly impact the quality of preparation programs for teacher candidates. Through quality preparation, alumni from our ESL program are able to provide highly effective instruction for supporting the linguistic and academic progress of English language learners, from pre-school through graduate through graduate school and beyond.

Since 2015, the SOE's Department of Curriculum and Instruction has convened the advisory councils from each of its program areas, including ESL, for a joint dinner meeting. These meetings have taken place on the following dates: 2/10/15, 2/13/16, 2/13/17, and 4/5/18. During each of these meetings, ESL Advisory Council members have met with ESL faculty and provided feedback to the following questions:
  • What do you view as strengths of our program?
  • What do you view as challenges for our program?
  • What recommendations do you have for improving our program?


ESL: Early Childhood/Elementary
Moderators: Kelly Hill & Julie Paul

Birmingham: Robin Kelley
Etowah: Margaret Sholar
Homewood: Abby Becker
Hoover: Wendy McBride
Shelby: Kiffany Gebhardt
Tarrant: Sherlene McDonald
 2018 04 AC P 6
ESL: Secondary Education
Moderator: Richard Littleton
Alabaster: Karen Hill
Attalla City: Jesse Smith
Homewood: Jenny Harvey
Jefferson: Marianne Pledger, Tanya Hiers
Shelby: Julie Caine
Tarrant: Anne Pace 
 2018 04 AC 7 12
ESL: Adult Learner settings
: Melissa Hawkins

INTO UAB: Anna Skees, Oscar Garcia
Literacy Council: Stephanie Lyas
Community Colleges: Stacye Thompson
Community ESL: Linda DeRocher, Tricia Merritt
Faith-based ESL: Sandra Flynn
Translating: Gonul Uguralp
 2018 04 AC Adult learner

In addition to this program-wide ESL advisory council, each of the K-12 ESL grants has also had its own advisory council. Each of these grant-specific councils has met regularly throughout the life of its program.

With respect to the teaching of ESL to adult learners, an advisory council met from 2009 to 2014. Its main purpose was to ensure the quality preparation of teachers for providing ESL services to adult language learners. Representing a wide range of ESL services for adults, council members came from community-based and faith-based programs in both urban and rural areas as well as from community colleges and higher education.

This earlier ESL Advisory Council had the following objectives:
  • Support the MAEd/ESL’s new International Track for preparing ESL teachers of adult learners
  • Identify needs of diverse service providers that offer ESL classes to adult language learners
  • Receive feedback on how the MAEd/ESL can better help providers in meeting these needs 
  • Evaluate outcomes of the International Track in preparing ESL teachers of adult learners
  • Make recommendations to improve the MAEd/ESL program’s International Track
Below are the 2009-14 agendas and members of the Advisory Council for teaching ESL to adults.
January 13, 2014 2014 Agenda 2014 Members   
January 19, 2012  2012 Agenda  2012 Members 
February 15, 2011 2011 Agenda 2011 Members
February 9, 2010 2010 Agenda  2010 Members
February 10, 2009 2009 Agenda  2009 Members

 Last updated: 4/09/2018