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Students from many different countries have come to UAB to pursue a master's degree for teaching English as a Foreign Language upon returning to their countries. Most of these students have native languages other than English. We value these students because of their previous experience with learning English, their diverse educational backgrounds, and their different perspectives on teaching and learning. Those who come with student visas (e.g., F-1, J-1) pursue their studies as international students. Those who had originally come as immigrants pursue their studies as permanent residents or U.S. citizens.

International students 1
International students often meet outside of class to talk about their graduate studies at UAB and to share about their experiences living in Birmingham, Alabama. Pictured left to right: Guli Tuerxun and Yuehui Huang from China and Sridevi Ram from India. 

Testimonials from international MA-TESOL Students

SrideviI personally feel great about having class together with American students who are regular UAB students. It gives me the feeling that I am part of UAB's larger community. The warmth and love showered by my American friends, my fellow students and my professors have helped me overcome the culture shock I experienced when I first arrived. My professors and American classmates have helped me better understand the American academic system. They have helped me cope with the stress of being away from my family and of becoming adjusted to a new way of life.
~Sridevi Ram (from India); started INTO UAB's TESOL Pathway in January 2018; MA-TESOL August 2019 

GuliI feel excited and honored to be a UAB student. My professors and classmates from all backgrounds, especially my American classmates, always help me with my classes and also with my adjustment to living in the United States. With the help of my beloved professors, I continually gain more confidence. Their ongoing support has given me the courage and motivation to reach my goals. The UAB TESOL community is active and lovely; I am glad to be part of this great family.
~Guli Tuerxun (from China); started INTO UAB's TESOL Pathway in August 2017; MA-TESOL April 2019