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Cary Chappell
UAB alumnus Cary Chappell (front, center)
After graduating with his MAEd, Cary was selected by the U.S. Department of State for serving one year overseas as an English Language Fellow (ELF). Here he is at the graduation ceremony in Indonesia with English teachers that he taught as an ELF.

UAB alumni (left to right) Laura Rivas, Nicole Rickey, Elizabeth Summers, and Glorious Bates
Laura, Nicole, Elizabeth, and Glorious are doing "Turn and Tell" during one of their MAEd courses. This is one of the many Interactive Peer-to-peer Oral Techniques (IPOTs) used throughout UAB's MAEd program.

Gilbert Smith and Dr Susan Spezzini in MAEd UAB TESOL program
UAB alumni (left to right) Donna Gilbert and LaQuita Smith
In this photo, Donna and LaQuita receive advice from the MAED program director, Dr. Susan Spezzini, in preparation for their internship. In the background, another student receives advice from the instructor for this internship course.