Academic courses close at the end of the term. UAB eLearning provides two methods for students to access course content for the purposes of an incomplete course grade. Please choose one of the options below and submit an Ask eLearning ticket with the requested information.

Incomplete Request Options

Please Note: The instructor of record must make this request. Students must reach out to their instructor to request an incomplete.

Course Extension
(Recommended for easiest workflow for instructor and student)

  • This option opens the entire course for a specified amount of time to allow the student(s) to complete their coursework within the original course.
  • How to Request: Please submit an Ask eLearning ticket and request a Course Extension for the purpose of an Incomplete.
    • Please include the term/year, course name, and desired close date for the course.
  • eLearning Note: This extends the course end date for ALL students in the course, not just the students with an Incomplete. ALL students enrolled in the course will have access to the course content. Students not wanting to see the course anymore can remove the course from their dashboard.

Incomplete Course Creation
(Not recommended if more than one student has incomplete)

  • This option creates a duplicate course for the instructor and student to use for completion of coursework.
  • How to Request: Please submit an Ask eLearning ticket and request an Incomplete course creation.
    • Please include term/year, course name, student BlazerID, and open/close dates.
  • eLearning Note: This course will appear as an additional course in the Canvas Course list and will need to be published by the instructor when ready for student access.

Incomplete Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)