The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies is well-equipped to service your needs to host or facilitate a virtual event (conference, seminar or juried event). We have the infrastructure to manage paid or free registrations, online or live interactive presentations and discussions, and coordinate online judging.

Available Features/Support

Multiple Event Types

  • Asynchronous- Online
    • online poster judging
    • online conference discussions and activities
  • Synchronous- Virtual
    • Zoom Meeting w/Breakout Room Management
    • Zoom Webinar
  • Synchronous- Hybrid (Virtual and In-person)
    • Live Streaming through Zoom

Zoom Options

  • Webinar
    • up to 500 attendees
    • Q&A, Chat, and Polls
    • Spotlighting
    • Cloud Recording
  • Meeting
    • up to 300 attendees
    • Break-out rooms
    • Chat and Polls
    • Spotlighting
    • Cloud Recording

Support Options

  • Registration
    • Custom graphics and questions
    • Automatic or manual approval
    • ability to require payment to register
  • Instructional Technology Support
    • Dedicated Live support to co-host and spotlight speakers
    • On-Call support for issues
    • Free Training
  • Zoom Recording
    • Free Un-edited recording
    • Advanced edited recording

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