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The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies provides labor market analysis services for demands in the local, regional, and national markets. The viability studies assist academic units by providing valuable data on employment and skill demands to consider when launching a new program or a certificate. In addition, market studies include institutional benchmarks that equip program leadership with concrete insights and recommendations on future directions.

The Division of eLearning and Professional Studies, through its Qualtrics license, assists units across campus in customizing, designing, and administering interactive and engaging surveys.

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What We Can Do for You

  • Coordinate market viability study for proposed program or course, generated by Education Advisory Board (EAB)
  • Coordinate data acquisition to support strategic decision-making processes, generated by EAB
  • Extract data on labor market analysis, using Lightcast license.
  • Assist with developing effective questionnaires to extract continuous improvement data, using Qualtrics

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