The MEng with a concentration in ASEM consists of 11 courses (33 credit hours). The minimum required time to complete the degree is five semesters (18 months). Students are required to take ASEM 610, 617, 619 and 620. Students can then choose seven additional courses from the ASEM course list to complete the degree requirements. ASEM 617 should be taken before ASEM 626 or ASEM 627. ASEM 619 and ASEM 620 must be taken in separate semesters. ASEM 601 should be taken every semester. Below is a recommended course sequence, however, students should communicate with Dr. Burke to determine the best plan of study. See the full list of ASEM courses and descriptions for more information.

Recommended Course Sequence

Semester 1

Introduction to System Safety: Prevention through Design
(ASEM 610, 3 hrs.)
Crossroad: Engineering Ethics & Acceptable Risk
(ASEM 614, 3 hrs.)

Semester 2

Hazard Analysis & Waste Elimination
(ASEM 611, 3 hrs.)
Crisis Leadership and Safety-Critical Design
(ASEM 617, 3 hrs.)

Semester 3

Engineering Risk: Assessment, Reduction and Liability
(ASEM 612, 3 hrs.)
Policy Issues in Prevention through Design
(ASEM 616, 3 hrs.)
Learning-Based Response to Organizational Accidents and Incidents
(ASEM 626, 3 hrs.)
Machinery Safety Management System
(ASEM 630, 3 hrs.)

Semester 4


Capstone Project - Part 1
(ASEM 619, 3 hrs.)

Remaining Course Choices:

Leading through Climates of Change
(ASEM 615, 3 hrs.)
Human Performance and Engineering Design
(ASEM 613, 3 hrs.)
Introduction to Model-Based Safety
(ASEM 640/690*, 3 hrs.)
*Select 690 to enroll in this course. 640 will not be listed in the course catalog until fall 2023

Semester 5


Capstone Project - Part 2
(ASEM 620, 3 hrs.)

Remaining Course Choices:

Communication in Safety Systems
(ASEM 627, 3 hrs.)
Electrical Systems Safety
(ASEM 628, 3 hrs.)