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Cost of Attendance

Unlike most graduate programs, the tuition cost for ASEM is the same for both in-state and out-of-state students.  These students pay Graduate, Online tuition.  International students living outside the US pay Graduate, International Online tuition.  Paying Online tuition makes ASEM an affordable option for pursuing an advanced degree.

For a complete list of tuition costs and fees, visit the tuition and fees website. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Tuition and fees for the MEng with a concentration in ASEM consist of the following:

  • Online Course Tuition, select ‘Graduate’ tab, scroll to ‘Online Courses Offered’, 'School of Engineering', 'In-State and Out-of-State Costs', or, 'International Online Costs' (depending on your situation).

  • Course Fee, select 'Institutional Fees' tab, scroll to 'School of Engineering', 'Advanced Safety Engineering & Management Course Fee (per course, except ASEM 601)'