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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Fast Track to a Master's Degree

Honors Program

ABET Accreditation

The UAB Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers programs leading to a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering as well as a minor in electrical engineering or software. The goals of these programs are to prepare graduates for the following:

  • Succeed in a career in electrical engineering or in further education
  • Approach problem solving with an engineering mind set
  • Grow professionally

The program is based on a strong foundation of mathematics, physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences that prepares a graduate for his/her roles in society and work. Students take a core of fundamental engineering coursework, reinforce classroom discussions and gain hands-on experience with laboratory activities, and gain analysis and design skills as they progress through the curriculum. Senior electives provide the opportunity to explore specialized areas, and the final capstone design experience challenges students to demonstrate their ability to work in teams to design, develop, and test solutions to engineering problems.

For more information, refer to the UAB Undergraduate Catalog or contact the Undergraduate Program Director Leon Jololian, Ph.D. at