Erica Schilling

By Hannah Buckelew
The UAB Department of Biomedical Engineering recently announced its 2022-2023 Jack E. Lemons Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering Winners. The following individuals stand out for their commitment to excellence, both in and out of the classroom, and outstanding work ethic and dedication.

The Dr. Jack Lemons Endowed Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering honors Jack Lemons and his contributions to graduate education at UAB. Over his more than 40-year academic career, almost all of it at UAB, Lemons has been committed to student training and graduate education. This year’s Lemons Endowed Scholarship winners are Erica Schilling and Isabella Tirelli Rebolho.

Erica Schilling recently earned her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at UAB and is now pursuing her master’s degree. Schilling was a Division I student athlete during her undergraduate career and now serves as volleyball coach for the Alabama Junior team in Hoover.

In her words: “I have had the pleasure of being mentored by Dr. Lemons himself over the past several months, so having his name connected to mine means everything to me. Being awarded with the ‘Jack E. Lemons Endowed Scholarship in Biomedical Engineering’ not only shows the hard work that I have put in over the past 4 years here at UAB, but it is also indicative of my passion and future path of what Dr. Lemons is known for: orthopedics. With this scholarship money funding my classes next semester, I now have the pleasure of being able to continue expanding my knowledge within orthopedics as well as learning from the man who knows it all, Dr. Jack Lemons.”

2022 BMES 2Isabella Tireli RebolhoIsabella Tireli Rebolho, originally from Brazil, is an undergraduate BME student. When not at school, Rebolho loves tending to her plants and spending time with friends. She enjoys the challenges of the BME program and is excited to discover her favorite parts of the field.

In her words: “To me, this scholarship means that having determination and showing persistence will get you closer to the goals you want to achieve, and that the obstacles that you encounter along the way are meant to shape you to become a better student and professional.”

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