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McKinney2020UAB graduate student Brandy McKinney was recently selected as the recipient of the National Alumni Society’s 2020 Distinguished Alumni Scholarship. McKinney is a UAB doctoral student in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program with an emphasis in transportation. She is studying under the mentorship of Virginia Sisiopiku, Ph.D.

McKinney currently serves as president of the UAB Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter and as secretary of the Engineering Council of Birmingham (ECOB). Her research interests are in emerging transportation technologies and, in particular, human factors and autonomous Vehicles interactions.

This scholarship adds to a list of awards and recognitions that McKinney has received, including the 2019 UAB National Alumni Society Dean’s Scholarship, the 2019 Engineering Council of Birmingham’s Distinguished Service Award and the 2018 AmeriCops Member of the Year Award.